The human cerebellum is activated across a range of motor and cognitive tasks, such as working memory, cognitive control, action observation, language, and social cognition. To fully characterize this functional diversity, we provide here a comprehensive functional data set of the human cerebellum, using the multi-domain task battery (MDTB). Leveraging this data, we also provide a novel parcellation of the human cerebellum into funtional regions.

In total, we scanned 24 healthy participants on two task sets that consisted of 47 unique task condition and that spanned cognitive, motor, and affective domains. To test reliability of the activity patterns, a subset of the task conditions were shared across both task sets. Within each scanning run, tasks were presented for 35 seconds: 5 seconds of instructions, followed by 30 seconds of task performance. There was a total of 32 runs across the 4 sessions (~5.5 hours in total per participant). The raw data for this project is available for download on OpenNeuro.

You can explore the parcellation and the functional maps for each task in both volume and surface representation in our online cerebellar atlas viewer .

The functional contrast and parcellations are available in the following downloads:

We hope that the functional maps and the parcellation will be useful as a reference and to guide future analyses based on a region-of-interests approach.

The development of the functional atlas is supported by grants from CIHR (PJT 159520) and the Canada First Research Excellence Fund (BrainsCAN).

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