All downloadable data sets and toolboxes are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License, meaning that it can be freely used for non-commercial purposes., as long as proper attribution in form of acknowledgments and links (for online use) or citations (in publications) are given. The relevant references are:

SUIT normalisation and template

Probabilistic atlas for cerebellar lobules

Probabilistic atlas and normalisation for deep cerebellar nuclei

Surface-based representation and flatmap

SUIT-N: Neonatal template, isolation and normalization

Matlab toolbox: Download and Installation

The newest release is available on github. The suit-toolbox requires Matlab (Version 6.5 and higher) and SPM. The newest version requires SPM12, but the old functions are still available for backward compatibility in the installation pack. A full standalone version for the suit-toolbox is currently not planned. Usage of the isolation or functions, however, does not require that the analysis is conducted under SPM.

Python toolbox: Download and Installation

The Python package currently supports functionality of mapping to the flatmap and to display of the flatmap. The package can be installed with pip:

pip install SUITPy

Alternative, the newest versions of the Python package is available on github. To install this version:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Once installed In python you can then import the package with import SUITPy as suit

Atlas package

A collection of cerebellar atlases in SUIT and MNI space, as well as surface-based maps are available on github. These include the probabilistic cerebellar atlas for lobules and deep cerebellar nuclei, the functional maps from the multi-domain task battery (King et al. 2019), and resting state atlases. For more information, see the Atlas Package website. The entire atlas package can also be explored using our online atlas viewer.