Here you will find a collection of Matlab-toolboxes that I have written over the years and that you may find useful. The toolboxes are concerned with the display and statistical analysis and of data. They are inspired by the statisical programming language R, and specifically by the useful concept of data frames. There are a number of cross references between functions, the util and pivot toolboxes are needed by all other toolboxes.

Getting started

To allow Matlab see the functions from the toolboxes:

Every time you start Matlab now, you motivational message gets printed on the screen and the toolboxes get added to your path.


Toolboxes are distributed under the Creative Commons 3.0 Public License, meaning that they are free to use for non-commerical purposes, but that proper credit should be given. They can be downloaded from GitHub. Enjoy! We are also happy for contributors that what to help to improve and further develop our toolboxes.

Toolbox Name Description


Utility functions for loading, saving and manipulating data frames


Tabulation of statistical data


Statistical graphs, linegraphs, boxplots, histograms, kernel estimates, etc...


Statistical functions for sampling, kernel estimation, ttests, mixed efffects ANOVA, etc...


Circular statistics, circular histograms, etc


Kinematic analysis, numerical derivatives, landmarking and stretching