Jörn Diedrichsen

Jörn Diedrichsen
Western Research Chair
for Motor Control
and Computational Neuroscience
Brain and Mind Institute
Department for Computer Science
Department for Statistical and Actuarial Sciences
University of Western Ontario
email: jdiedric at uwo.ca

In the Diedrichsen lab, we study the human motor system and the human cerebellum. How does the brain produce coordinated movements? How are new movement skills learned? What is the function of the human cerebellum and how does it contribute to motor control and cognition?

Experimentally, we focus on behavioral and functional magnetic resonance imaging studies in humans. We are part of Western's Sensorymotor superlab (a collaboration with the Pruszynski, and Gribble labs) and also employ electrophysiological and neurostimulation approaches to investigate the brain.

An important part of the lab is the development of novel statistical and machine learning methods for the analysis of brain imaging and electrophysiological data. We develop tools for cerebellar imaging data and for multivariate analysis. We are part of the Computational Brain Science Group.

Activities and links

Postdoc position in cerebellar imaging and development

We are starting a new collaborative project on cerebellar development, and are looking for a postdoctoral associate to join our lab and take the lead! See the ad for details.

PhD / MSc positions

We are still accepting applications for MSc / PhD students who want to join the lab in Fall 2024. Note that this is application to be accepted into the lab - the successful candidates will also have to apply to their desired graduate program (Neuroscience, Computer Science, or Statistics_. Applications should be submitted electronically as a single PDF file entited LastName_FirstName.pdf directly to diedrichsenlab@gmail.com. The pdf must include:

  • a CV (including publications and conference presentations)
  • a statement of research interest outlining current experience and plans for future research, not exceeding 2 pages. Please see recent publications, ongoing research projects, and tool developement for ongoing research in the lab
  • names and contact information for three academic referees.

We especially encourage students interested in the Collaborative Specialization in Machine Learning for Health and Biomedical Sciences to apply.

The review of applications has begun and will continue until all positions are filled. Please state clearly your targeted graduate program. We will not consider any application that does not follow these exact specifications.


Work in the laboratory is supported by CIHR, NSERC, BrainsCAN, Western University, and the Raynor Cerebellar Project.